Notes from Inc.’s Interview of John Paul DeJoria

This month’s Inc. magazine has a fascinating “The Way I Work” with John Paul DeJoria. DeJoria is the founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Patrón Spirits, and several other companies. Forbes listed his net worth at $4 billion.

Here are a few notes from the John Paul DeJoria interview:

  • Doesn’t use email or a computer (everything done via fax, phone, and in person)
  • Management philosophy: pay attention to the vital few and ignore the trivial many (I love that line)
  • Every product gets reviewed by him personally, even flea and tick shampoo
  • Personal chef makes lunch for him daily
  • Every employee at Paul Mitchell and Patrón gets free lunch daily because he believes you have to treat your people well
  • Motto: success unshared is a failure
  • Takes a personal retreat annually and asks the questions what did I do last year, who is in my life, what am I doing, and what do I want to do

My favorite line, as mentioned above, is the one about paying attention to the vital few and ignoring the trivial many. I don’t know too much about John Paul DeJoria but I found the interview fascinating.

What else? What are some of your thoughts on his approach to life?

2 thoughts on “Notes from Inc.’s Interview of John Paul DeJoria

  1. I like the fact that he takes a retreat every year to sort out his ideas. I think doing that – whether it is on a retreat or a daily walk, my method, is very helpful and energizing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. He sounds like a fascinating leader.

    The free lunches for employees is a neat touch. I wonder what else he does along that concept?

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