Developing a Rhythm for Life

Following up on the Notes from John Paul DeJoria, there was an area that I wanted to explore further. DeJoria talks about his personal rhythm, including taking a solo retreat each year to the mountains for a couple days to ask questions like what am I doing and what do I want to be doing. Personally, I don’t take a solo retreat but I think it’s a great idea.

There are a number of things I do for my own rhythm:

  • No iPhone or laptop in the morning for the first 30 minutes
  • No more than one breakfast meeting and one evening meeting per week
  • Weekly exercise of at least 90 minutes
  • Weekly date night with my wife
  • Weekly adventure with only my kids
  • No more than one week of business travel per quarter
  • Quarterly week-long out-of-town family vacation
  • Annual review of personal, family, and professional goals

I’ve talked many times about developing a rhythm in business and I think it’s even more important to develop a rhythm for life.

What else? What are some other items that are part of your own rhythm for life?

2 thoughts on “Developing a Rhythm for Life

  1. Writing daily. It flexes my creative muscles, allows me to view the world through a variety of perspectives, and has helped me sort through my never-ending stream of thoughts.

  2. I guess writing down lyrical ideas everyday, making time for my family( to bond and actually show i care about them), riding my MX bike and reading a new novel every week gets me too kinda help my brain become more “out of the box” like, to get me away from all the mainstream aspects of life, to just be me, alone, for a while on earth and have that blissful moment of my life having a certain rhythm…

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