Ideal Four Year Startup Trajectory at the Atlanta Tech Village

One of the interesting parts about the Atlanta Tech Village is that the more successful we are helping startups grow, the more turnover we’ll have due to startups graduating out of the building. We don’t exactly know what size company that will be but we’re guessing somewhere in the 30 – 40 employee range. Of course, most of the startups in the building will be much smaller, usually with 1 – 5 employees, and will have substantial room to grow. 

Thinking about growth, here’s the ideal four year startup trajectory at the Atlanta Tech Village:

  • Year 1 – Two entrepreneurs with an idea rent coworking desks, build a minimum respectable product, and raise some money and / or sell their product.
  • Year 2 – Early in the year, the entrepreneurs move up in the building from the coworking space on the 1st floor to a private five-person office on the 2nd floor. Product traction is coming along nicely and product / market fit has been achieved (stage one is complete).
  • Year 3 – With revenues growing nicely, the startup moves up to a 10-person modular suite on one of the upper floors. By the end of the year, it’s clear there’s a repeatable customer acquisition process in place (stage 2 is done), the startup raises a solid Series A round of financing, and takes an additional 10-person modular suite next to the first one.
  • Year 4 – As the customer acquisition machine hums along, revenues grow substantially. Mid-year, the startup takes a third 10-person modular suite and has contiguous space for 30 people. With full on growth mode in effect (stage 3), and north of 30 employees, the startup graduates and moves next door to Tower Place or Piedmont Center. The cycle is complete.

Startup journeys are much more messy than outlined above, and that’s why being in a strong community is so important.

What else? What are your thoughts on the ideal four year startup trajectory at the Atlanta Tech Village?

One thought on “Ideal Four Year Startup Trajectory at the Atlanta Tech Village

  1. It’s Year 0 for me …and might be for more than a year. But I am certain I should follow this trajectory. Ideally, my first project will be acquired by SalesForce in Year 1. And my follow up project will follow the Year 2, 3, & 4 trajectory.

    It’s great to see Atlanta coming together. I can’t wait to be a part of it all.

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