Atlanta’s Sales Community as Core for a Sales and Marketing Tech Hub

Atlanta has one of the highest number of sales reps per capita in the world. Think about it: if you live in Atlanta or have friends in Atlanta, how many people do you know that are in sales? That’s right, there are a ton. Now, there are two main reasons why Atlanta has so many sales people:

  1. Capital of the South – Thousands of companies have regional sales offices in Atlanta to call on and service accounts all over the Southeast. Atlanta is the clear leader in the Southeast based on number of people and scale of infrastructure.
  2. World’s Busiest Airport – I know a sales-oriented CEO of a multi-national health IT company that just moved his family to Atlanta because he’s on the road all the time and would rather be based out of Atlanta instead of Boston, even though he grew up in the Midwest. The main reasons: climate and the airport. With the world’s busiest airport, it’s easy for sales reps to quickly visit customers anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost, and almost always with a direct flight.

So, Atlanta has an unusually large number of sales people, which translates well into Atlanta being a hub for sales technologies, and the close relative of sales, a.k.a. marketing.

The world’s largest software company in the late 70s was a firm called MSA, based in Atlanta. MSA had an amazing culture that was incredibly sales focused. From the sales reps and sales management at MSA, over 50 startups emerged in Atlanta. Several of Atlanta’s largest success stories, including the billion dollar exit of Internet Security Systems to IBM, were lead by MSA alumni.

A strong cluster of sales and marketing technology startups and companies have already coalesced in Atlanta including SalesLoft, Rivalry, Insightpool, CallRail, Badgy, Pardot, Vitrue, BrightWhistle, and more not even counting the amazing pool of email marketing companies in town like WhatCounts, Silverpop, and MailChimp.

Atlanta’s strong sales community is the core that’s helped spawn many tech companies. Over the next 10 years, I predict Atlanta will become even more well known as a sales and marketing technology capital, and I can’t wait to see it happen.

What else? What are your thoughts on Atlanta’s sales community as core for a sales and marketing tech hub?

One thought on “Atlanta’s Sales Community as Core for a Sales and Marketing Tech Hub

  1. I couldn’t agree more on Atlanta becoming the US sales and marketing hub. There have been some great companies launched in the city and there are some good startups on that list. Rivalry and CallRail are definitely two of those. I am surprised to see Badgy on that list. They show a lot of logos but even those companies say they’re not using them.

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