The Nine C’s of the Atlanta Tech Village

Johnson Cook put together a great presentation about the Atlanta Tech Village for the AIM Speak Easies: Rapid Talks From Brilliant Minds series in Omaha. I’m borrowing the nine C’s from his presentation and presenting my own thoughts on them here:

  • Core Values – Everything starts with the core values. For us, they are the following: be nice, dream big, pay it forward, and work hard / play hard. We can’t pick winning ideas but we can set the foundation with strong core values.
  • Curated – We have an application process for membership that starts with a tour of the Village. As part of our focus on building the best place possible for startups, it’s critical we curate membership.
  • Collaboration – Creating an environment that promotes serendipitous interactions increases formal and informal collaboration. Startups helping startups increases the likelihood of success.
  • Chaos – Having so many different entrepreneurs under one roof, combined with the desire to push the limits, results in chaos on a regular basis. We roll with the chaos and are constantly improving.
  • Concentrated – Assembling 100+ startups under the same roof makes for great density, which increases the efficiency and economies of scale for everything.
  • Colossal – Our goal is nothing less than creating 10,000 new jobs in Atlanta over the next 10 years. Go big or go home.
  • Community – The core of the Village is the people and we have an amazing community. Community is the main differentiator from a standard office building.
  • Control – Owning the physical real estate, making investments with a 20 year horizon, and not having external investors allows us to control the entire experience. We’re not perfect but we strive to be great.
  • Celebrity – Spotting several Tesla Model S electric cars in the parking deck and bringing by CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are two ways we incorporate a little celebrity excitement in the Village.

So, there you have it — the nine C’s of the Atlanta Tech Village. What else would you add?

3 thoughts on “The Nine C’s of the Atlanta Tech Village

  1. I’d add catching (it’s now a tool for recruiting employees), carnivorous (100s of hungry entrepreneurs), can-do (attitudes), clever (why didn’t someone do this 10 years ago?!?), connected (the whole six degrees of separation thing), complementary (many startups there are alike and feed off one another), commendable, creative…

  2. Funny – I run all my businesses with what I call the three C’s: Character, Competence, and Charisma. All three are important and you never make the cut without passing each gate in order….

    Gregg Freishtat

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