Getting Involved in the Atlanta Startup Community

On a regular basis I talk to someone that wants to be an entrepreneur or wants to help entrepreneurs. I like to ask what steps they’ve taken to make that happen and there usually isn’t as much concrete progress as I would hope. My response is always the same: get involved with the startup community and begin participating. There are so many good resources, places, and programs now that it’s super easy to get involved.

Here are a few ways to get involved with the Atlanta startup community:

With so many events, it actually becomes easy to attend too many events and not make enough progress on your startup. Find the right balance with respect to getting involved but most importantly just start.

What else? What are some other ways to get involved with the Atlanta startup community?

3 thoughts on “Getting Involved in the Atlanta Startup Community

  1. I agree but one of the big problems is that Atlanta has so many events that have no structure, no extended network, and no real benefit and it creates what Hypepotamus has coined as “fragmented awesomeness” instead of a “connected awesomeness.” When I moved back from Oregon I was looking for any way I could to get involved in the startup community and I was lucky enough to be able to bring the Startup Grind, an event with a national support to Atlanta. After attending a few Startup Chowdown lunches at the Atlanta Tech Village I had found a venue, a speaker, and a group of budding entrepreneurs all interested in attending our events. It shows how easy it is to get involved with just a few “serendipitous interactions.” We had our inaugural event last Wednesday with an interview from Co-Founder and Head of Product at Scoutmob, Michael Tavani, and catering from Farm Burger and SweetWater, and it was a huge success. We will continue to have monthly startup mixers with fireside chat style interviews, with our next event scheduled November 14th at the Atlanta Tech Village, but our goal is to build a network that helps the amazing startups of Atlanta that are already doing great things to collaborate with each other. This will help to build an event that educates and advances the startup community instead of just fragmenting it more.

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    I found this article to be quite helpful. I’m not the world’s biggest extrovert (might be on the introverted side), so know where to start can be invaluable.

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