Atlanta Tech Village for Talent Retention and Recruiting

Last week I was talking to a local technology executive that wanted to start a new software company at the beginning of 2014. During the conversation, he volunteered that six months ago he was all ready to move his family to California to start the business, but with the advent of the Atlanta Tech Village, he felt Atlanta finally had the critical mass of entrepreneurs and community he desired to help his startup be successful. Thinking more about it, there’s a real desire to be in a community that has enough scale and density such that there’s peace of mind that if a startup doesn’t work out that there are other jobs in the area.

Several startups in the Atlanta Tech Village moved to Atlanta in 2013 to be a part of the Atlanta community. BitPay moved to Atlanta from Orlando. CheckAction moved to Atlanta from New Orleans. Over the next few years, I expect to see many more startups move to Atlanta to take advantage of all the great resources and community.

I knew the Atlanta Tech Village would help with recruiting but talent retention didn’t cross my mind. Now, I’ll add it to the list of Village benefits.

What else? What are your thoughts on the Atlanta Tech Village for talent retention and recruiting?

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Tech Village for Talent Retention and Recruiting

  1. Exciting challenge to face! For the last several years I’ve worked in recruiting and retaining college students across the US for membership organizations and study abroad programs and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s people join people (not necessarily organizations). In planting seeds to empower one to join one, the vines continues to weave and the web just gets stronger. Would love to join in on this conversation!

    – Lauren @laurenekelley

  2. I currently manage a group of recruiters in the NYC and surrounding regions, and the Atlanta region has been seeing an increasing number of openings for us. Being from outside of that region, we have traditionally had a tougher time creating deep IT candidate pipelines there compared to other locations we are more vested. I was happy to hear about Atlanta Tech Village in your post because as a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur at heart, I felt the community based approach to housing, supporting and financing start-up operations is a great way to attract new talent and hopefully grow, sustainable businesses in that region. Good luck to everyone building our their dreams in Atlanta!

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