Continuing the Internet of Things Examples

Continuing with the internet of things experiments from July, I’ve come across several more that are intriguing. Internet of things refers to everyday items, like a camera or car, being connected via WiFi to the internet, enabling a variety of new functionality.

Here are several more internet of things devices that are promising:

  • Netatmo Personal Weather Station – Track the temperature, humidity, and a variety of other data points from a mobile device, and be alerted when certain thresholds or values are met
  • NeatConnect Cloud Scanner – Scan documents and images straight to the cloud, including Google Drive, without connecting the scanner to a computer
  • Nest Smoke + Co Alarm – Smoke and carbon dioxide alarm connected to the cloud for remote management and monitoring as well as more sane audible alarm options (e.g. have a voice announce that smoke has been detected before sounding a shrill alarm)

The internet of things is super exciting and I’m looking forward to trying out these new devices.

What else? What are some other cool internet of things devices?

One thought on “Continuing the Internet of Things Examples

  1. I have both the Netatmo and the Nest Thermostat and Protect units. They are all top rate. I interface them with my Indigo home control system as well. Highly recommended.

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