Takeaways from the Ultimate Sales Conference

Last Thursday the Atlanta Tech Village hosted the first Ultimate Sales Conference and four great speakers. With 200+ people, there was an excellent turnout and the quality of conversations set the bar high. Here are a few takeaways from each conference speaker:

Derek Grant of Pardot / Salesforce.com

Steve Richards of Vorsight

  • Coaching is a critical part of sales management
  • Use a headset splitter and listen to sales calls weekly
  • Sales prospecting is a science
  • Millennials want small promotions ever six months and a career path

Howard Diamond of MobileDay

  • Listen, listen, listen – the best sales people are the best listeners
  • Enter sales meetings with a goal but adapt during the conversation
  • Culture is critical and should be nourished

Allen Nance of WhatCounts

  • Embrace sales rep specialization as much as possible
  • Recognize the need to go from individual contributor to leader as the company scales
  • Sales leaders should not carry a quota while managing a team
  • List building gets much more difficult as the team grows due to the need for such large numbers of contacts
  • Scaling a sales team is incredibly hard

Special thanks to SalesLoft and Rivalry for putting on the event.

What else? What are some other takeaways from the Ultimate Sales Conference?