Startups Should Develop a Sales Playbook

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After a startup achieves product/market fit one of the most important next steps is to develop a sales and marketing machine. The sales team should be working towards a reproducible, and profitable, sales process. As part of that iteration, a sales playbook should be at the top of the sales manager or entrepreneurs list of items. A sales playbook is the how-to manual for a sales rep. The goal is to document and categorize as much sales related information as possible in a digestible format.

Here are some items for a sales playbook:

  • Corporate information
  • Sales pitch
  • Elevator pitch
  • Market space
  • Recent trends
  • Target customer
  • Types of buyers
  • Features and benefits
  • List of references
  • Sales process
  • CRM process
  • Competitors and differentiators
  • Objection handling
  • Glossary

As you can tell, the sales playbook is very detailed covering upwards of 50+ pages. A key aspect is that it should be a living, breathing document that is constantly updated (e.g. a shared Google Doc). Startups should develop a sales playbook.

What else? What other items do you include in your sales playbook?

7 thoughts on “Startups Should Develop a Sales Playbook

  1. Excellent article, David. A sales playbook is indispensable. Mine includes a list of my top 25 suspects – those people or organizations that I’ve admired and want to work with someday. As I run into people or hear of companies that sound like a great fit for my services, I add them to my list. Also, I review and update the list several times per year. You’d be surprised how many “A-listers” eventually become clients!

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