4 Sales Rep Activity Metrics that Matter

One of the repeated themes at last week’s Ultimate Sales Conference was around measuring sales rep activity metrics. Sales is an unusual position in that the desired results and expectations are so easy to measure: revenue from deals. While measuring a rep based on quota makes sense, it’s also important to measure sales rep activity since it’s a great proxy for deals.

Here are four sales rep activity metrics that every sales manager should measure:

  • Calls Logged – The phone is not dead. In fact, selling over the phone and cold calling is extremely effective.
  • Meaningful Conversations – Just because calls are being logged it doesn’t mean the sales rep is productive. More importantly, making calls is not enough as reps need to reach people on the other end and have meaningful conversations
  • Demos / Appointments Completed – Following the logical progression, meaningful conversations with the right people should turn into demos or appointments, and completed meetings are more important than scheduled meetings.
  • Opportunities – Often the last step before signing a deal, an opportunity should be created once some defined criteria are met, typically budget, authority, need, and timeline (BANT).

What gets measured gets done and these four sales rep activities are key to a productive sales team and management visibility into future revenue.

What else? What are your thoughts on these sales rep activity metrics and what are others that you like?

One thought on “4 Sales Rep Activity Metrics that Matter

  1. Two of the things that I like to measure are the number of contracts/quotes sent out (which could be the same as opportunities depending on how you define them) and close ratio. In my experience contracts out and close ratio are the two biggest determinants of revenue generated. If there are not enough contracts being sent out I start working with the rep back to the top of the funnel to understand why. More often then not the answer to that questions is the number of calls. Sales reps have to make the calls to make the revenue. No way around that one.

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