Cold Calling for Fun and Profit

Cold calling isn’t dead. In fact, with so many people texting, emailing, and hanging out on social media, cold calling is even more effective because it is so under used. That said, cold calling isn’t easy. In fact, cold calling is very difficult and emotionally draining (for most people). Here are a few thoughts on cold calling:

  • Allocate enough time and resources to be successful (e.g. trying it for a couple hours one afternoon doesn’t qualify as effort – allocate 40 – 80 hours of work to figure out if it’s going to work)
  • Read Aaron Ross’s great book Predictable Revenue and learn how to do modern, internet-augment selling
  • Build great lists of prospects to call on using a tool like the SalesLoft Prospector
  • Pick at least three different job titles and call 500 people with that title (e.g. email marketing manager on LinkedIn)

Cold calling becomes even more effective with a proven methodology like Sandler Sales Training and other sales rep training programs. So, if cold calling isn’t on your radar, add it.

What else? What are some other thoughts on cold calling for fun and profit?

3 thoughts on “Cold Calling for Fun and Profit

  1. Sales Executives are always talking about the concept that selling has changed and buyers have more control of the sales process than ever. This is true, but what some fail to realize is that the sellers have more power than they think to make outbound prospecting effective. Ten years ago, it would take 7-10 attempts inside of an account just to identify who handled a specific area of the business (remember that!). Now you can look at LinkedIn/Twitter and laser focus your efforts on a prospect who shares the interests and expertise that your product or service helps with.

    The best outbound prospectors don’t take themselves too seriously and find a way to have fun as they go about their task. I know it sounds impossible to have fun making outbound calls, but if you’re passionate about the product you sell, know your space inside and out, and are calling on the right companies where the odds are in your favor, you’ll “win” more calls than you “lose”. And “winning” is what makes what we do fun.

  2. Love the post David. This is an area of particular interest for me and I do believe if you know your target and have a specific message and use cold calling in combination with email it allows you to “cut” through the noise and build value faster than other methods. It’s my main approach to new business and I would love to here more techniques others are using in “cold calling” that are getting results. In my mind it has everything to do with the approach and mindset of the person making the calls.

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