Calendly For Self-Service Calendar Scheduling

Atlanta Ventures just partnered with entrepreneur Tope Awotona and made a seed investment in Calendly — a cloud-based service that sits on top of Google Calendar making it super easy to provide self-service scheduling (no more sending several emails back and forth to find a time that works). Calendly has signed up thousands of users over the past few months and is focused on helping professionals save time and increase revenue.

Here are a few of the main benefits of Calendly:

  • Reduce the friction to setting up a meeting (how many times have you gone back and forth over the phone or email to find a time that works?)
  • Make it easy to cancel or reschedule a meeting (many meetings are changed and Calendly cuts down on the noise)
  • More consistent meeting information and preparation (e.g. you can require certain information be provided as part of scheduling a meeting as well as have different meeting types)
  • Automated integration with other systems like CRM (e.g. when a lead schedules a meeting, put it in

Anyone that schedules meetings on a regular basis (e.g. sales reps, customer success managers, support reps, etc) would do well to put a Calendly link in their email signature and make it easy for prospects and clients to schedule a meeting. We’re big fans of Calendly and are looking forward to working with Tope.

What else? What are some other thoughts on Calendly and self-service calendar scheduling apps?

7 thoughts on “Calendly For Self-Service Calendar Scheduling

    1. One of the cool features is that you can allocate only certain times/days that you want to accept meetings, so it won’t show your whole schedule (e.g. only have meetings in the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

  1. All software ‘works’, Tope is unique in that his service attitude is great. I inquired as I’ve booked 989 appointments in 19 months, worldwide time zones and needed a solution. He’s great on the phone, and I hope to test drive the software soon as there are very few solutions out there.

  2. There’s been a lot of activity the past couple years in this space. I’ve seen Calendly evolve, open up, and my tool which has a niche of its own.

    I’d love to see some surveys showing actual uptake of tools to solve scheduling problems.

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