Finding a Weekly Rhythm

After announcing the purchase of the Atlanta Tech Village, I received an influx of requests to see the building and hear about the plans. Naturally, I wanted to get the greater Atlanta community involved, so I set out meeting with hundreds and hundreds of people. After having a large number of meetings, I realized that I needed to get more intentional with my schedule and consciously allocate my time to different endeavors.

After trial and error, I settled on a weekly rhythm:

  • Meetings day on Monday (management meetings, product sprint reviews, quarterly check-ins, etc)
  • Daily check-ins in the morning (Mon – Thurs)
  • Meetings and tours in the afternoon (Mon – Thurs), powered by Calendly with specific day/time rules
  • Daily catch up in the late afternoon for emailing and reviewing projects
  • Freestyle Fridays where I limit scheduled events and look to attend Startup Chowdown whenever I’m in town

This weekly rhythm has allowed me to focus more and compartmentalize different tasks. I’m sure it’ll continue to evolve but it’s been working well for a couple months now.

What else? What are some other things you incorporate in your weekly rhythm?

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