The Value of Hard Work

As I reflect on Father’s Day and what it’s like to be a dad I can’t help but think of my dad. My dad has influenced me more than anyone else, yet I don’t tell him “thank you” enough. As a small business owner, my dad has been in business for himself for 30 years as an orthodontist in Tallahassee and is still going strong today.

Back in 1984 my dad left the dentist he was working for and started his own practice across the street, only the new practice was exclusive to orthodontics. One of his first initiatives was building a new office building with a large waiting room and open treatment area. Inside, the main motif is fish with several fish tanks and large aquatic murals. In terms of design, the space was very forward thinking with open areas, tall ceilings, and great natural light.

One of the most important values my dad instilled in me is that of hard work. My dad loves working — both at the office and at home. He would spend full days at the office and then come home and do extensive amounts of reading and landscaping. Growing up, there was always a new project or book and he would diligently put in long hours to see it through to completion.

When I was in middle school and desperately wanted a high-end remote control car, my dad sat me down and explained that I had to do 40 hours of yard work (mowing and pulling weeds) to save up enough money to afford it. Immediately, I went to work and got the job done during the hot Florida summer. Connecting the dots between hard work and getting what I wanted was a valuable lesson.

The value of hard of work was instilled in me at early age and I owe it to my dad. Here’s to all the dads out there, and especially my dad. Thank you.

One thought on “The Value of Hard Work

  1. the value of work is very important is to measure how much willpower you aguenta.Não matter how hard you hit, but how much can handle catch and keep fighting. How much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how you win a fight, and no finger pointing and get to say what can not because of him or her. Only those who do so are cowardly people. Thanks!

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