Revolving Door Transactions and Strange Coincidences

Back in 2005 I was talking to a friend’s uncle who had previously worked in the technology industry for a number of years. He shared with me a story that during the 1990s he worked for a software company in Atlanta where the owners of the business bought a building that was 50% occupied, signed a lease so that their own company would use the remaining 50% of the building, and then sold the building to new investors, all in the same day. This is known as a revolving door transaction where entrepreneurs buy a building in the morning and sell it in the afternoon for a significant personal profit.

After almost 10 years that story has stuck with me and represents an opportunity that many entrepreneurs don’t consider. Only, it gets more interesting. I bumped into my friend’s uncle last night at an event at the Atlanta Tech Village after not seeing him for several years. We caught up for a few minutes and then he tells me that the Atlanta Tech Village is the building he worked in 20 years ago for American Software (NASDAQ:AMSWA). Not only that, the Atlanta Tech Village is the building that the entrepreneurs did the revolving door transaction!

Life is full of strange coincidences and this is another interesting one.

What else? What are some more strange coincidences you’ve encountered?

2 thoughts on “Revolving Door Transactions and Strange Coincidences

  1. I have many stories to share… a short one is when I was at the City Club of Buckhead a few months ago. While I was driving through the parking lot, a good friend I had not see in awhile, walked out right in front of me. He was going back to his car to get something. We said hi and committed to get together soon. When I got into the club and was waiting for my guest, another business friend came down the stairs and we reconnected. She ended up helping my parents sell their condo in Norcross shortly after 🙂

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