Net Promoter Score and Customer Referrals

After manually sending out customer surveys on a regular basis for years, we decided to put an automated net promoter score (NPS) question in the application. Every 90 days the user would see the question “How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend?” with numeric choices ranging from 0-10, a simple “Comments” box, and a link “I’ll pass on answering” for people in a hurry.

Immediately, we started getting feedback from customers, including specific comments on things they liked and disliked. Many customers, even with a “Need help?” link prominently displayed in the header, wouldn’t tell us when something was bothering them. Now, once a quarter, they’d use the NPS prompt to help us help them.

After running this new module for a few months, we had an idea internally to try and entice customers that gave a 9 or 10 (promoters) an incentive to actually recommend their friends to us. Upon entering a 9 or 10, the dialogue box showed an offer for a $100 gift card if they referred a friend that completed a demo of our product. This message was linked to a landing page that provided more details and had a form to capture the referral information. Then, as hoped, referrals started flowing in and never stopped.

Casually asking customers to answer the net promoter score question and then prompting for a referral from the biggest fans is a great way to grow the business.

What else? What are some thoughts on the idea of using net promoter score with customer referrals?

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