More Ideas to Help Entrepreneurs

After giving a tour of the Atlanta Tech Village last week to a C-level executive of a local Fortune 500 company, he asked, enthusiastically, how he could help out. I cited the normal ways like mentoring, hearing curated pitches from startups (see One Way Government Can Help Startups), and spreading the word about the innovation taking place in their own backyard. Then, he asked something else that stuck with me: what are some other ideas you’re considering to help entrepreneurs?

Here are a few more ideas to help entrepreneurs and startups:

  • Host a weekly/monthly AMA (ask me anything) in-person where a successful entrepreneur answers questions (straight Q&A)
  • Lead a regular webinar that’s open to anyone with a different entrepreneurship topic each week (e.g. product management, engineering, sales, marketing, fundraising, etc.)
  • Facilitate an entrepreneur bootcamp program
  • Run more programs to help founders meetup, internship fairs, and domain expert roundtables

Ultimately, increasing the collaboration and flow of information will help more entrepreneurs succeed.

What else? What are some more ideas to help entrepreneurs?

4 thoughts on “More Ideas to Help Entrepreneurs

  1. David, I would very much like to participate in founder meetup events where individual founders could meet and network with others looking for a co-founder. In fact, I’d be willing to organize one if you would let us use a room at ATV.

  2. Sounds like this Fortune 500 CEO was making an offer to help out also. How about a concerted effort to recruit Fortune 500 executives that want to be involved in the startup community?

    1. Good idea. More see the startup scene as good for the community but aren’t there yet in terms of actually getting involved.

  3. these are some very cool and valuable tips. Personally for me the greatest thing that represents a mentor that is an entrepreneur is the way they carry themselves and interact with other and make them feel apart of something bigger and more meaningful.I believe this is what motivates people and this is what a real mentor is to do.

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