Use a Daily Process to Achieve Goals

When talking about goal setting, there’s often a focus on SMART goals, or general, big-picture goals. One strategy I like is based on goals driven by a daily process. The idea is to distill certain goals down to a daily activity, instead of shooting for something larger that seems more difficult to attain.

Here are a few example of goals with a daily process:

  • Goal: write a 100 blog posts. Daily process: one blog post per day for 100 days.
  • Goal: schedule 20 investor meetings. Daily process: email/call 25 investors per day (assuming a hit rate of 25/1).
  • Goal: come up with a new business idea. Daily process: write down two business ideas per day and build a list of 60 ideas over the course of a month and then choose one.
  • Goal: meet 250 new people this year. Daily process: schedule and meet a new person every business day (see Meet 10 New People Per Week).

So, the next time you sit down to do goal setting, look at the goals and figure out which ones can be broken down into a daily process. Goals with a daily process are often more achievable.

What else? What are some more thoughts on using a daily process to achieve goals?

One thought on “Use a Daily Process to Achieve Goals

  1. Powerful method. Chris Brogans explains it a little deeper in his book “Freaks shall inherit the earth”. But the approach is great and works for me quite well. Days serve your weeks, weeks serve your larger goals. I apply it for business, health and personal goals. Good and constructive input!

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