Board Decks Even Without Board Meetings 

Over the last few years a dozen different entrepreneurs have asked me if they should put together a formal board for their startup. My response is that they don’t need a formal board but it’s still good to go through the exercise of putting together a board deck on a quarterly basis. Much like regular investor updates, a board deck is even more comprehensive in summarizing key information and metrics. 

Here’s what a board deck might contain for entrepreneurs without board meetings:

  • KPIs – Summary of all the key metrics year to date and for the quarter as well as percent of goal
  • Department Updates – Main accomplishments for sales, marketing, services, support, operations, and engineering 
  • Strategic Initiatives – Outline the big undertakings for the quarter including any challenges or potential roadblocks
  • Financials – Semi-detailed financial metrics for the most important parts of the business
  • Challenges – Where does the company need the most help

Like a simplified one page strategic plan but much more detailed, a board deck for entrepreneurs without a board is a good way to organize thoughts, prepare a quarterly review, and outline new initiatives. 

What else? What are some more thoughts on board decks even without a board?

3 thoughts on “Board Decks Even Without Board Meetings 

  1. Hello David I have been reading you for over a year i guess. And i find the info very educational to say the least. I will explain how. I started a cleaning services business in Dubai early last year. I asked my cofounder to subscribe to your blog too. We read your various topics and it prepared us in a way what to look for and why. We of course would find how it could become relevant to our business and go on about it. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been considering the idea of board and your article brought it up. Can you share some thought further as how can we introduce an element which is like board but these members are not really part of business, or stakeholders or employees. What would suggest be the exchange in return  for their participation? How about confidentiality? Would love to hear from you. Warm RegardsParamDubai

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  2. This is great along with your post on monthly investor/ advisor updates. These are areas that I have found most startups to overlook which is a big mistake. Thanks.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Problem with many entrepreneurs maintaining the discipline is what we call the ‘term paper syndrome.’ They put it off until the last minute, then don’t do a proper job. Done right, board meetings can focus on the strategies and tactics of the upcoming quarter, and the challenges of the past quarter.

    In addition, for entrepreneurs/CEO’s who’s time is better spent leading & selling, this task should be outsourced, a bit like the CFO/bookkeeping or HR functions – important to get right, but not the highest and best use of the CEO’s time.

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