Morning Meetings Only

One of the new experiments I’m trying out is only scheduling meetings in the morning. Using Calendly, I have several different types of meetings configured, depending on the context with most meetings 20-30 minutes to keep them effective. Only, I found that standard rhythm-oriented meetings (like daily check-ins) were often followed by other catch up meetings. Then, afternoons would often be filled meeting with people outside the company and ultimately killing any long blocks of time desired for extended focus.

Here are a few thoughts on morning meetings only:

  • Jumping between doing actual work and meeting about things can be challenging, especially if there’s work that requires deeper thought
  • Grouping some or all meetings into a specific time of day is a good way to maximize personal peak energy times (e.g. if you do your best writing before 10am, you’d want to keep that time of day free of meetings)
  • Meetings like grabbing breakfast or coffee are super popular, contributing to the morning-oriented meeting schedule
  • Timezones can be a challenge with morning meetings only, especially if there’s regular dialog with people in California, so it definitely doesn’t work for everyone

I’m going to try this out for two months and see how it goes. Of course, this strategy doesn’t exclude any afternoon meetings, it just leaves them open by default unless something urgent comes up or there’s no other morning slot.

What else? What are some other thoughts on morning meetings only?

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