Staying Connected to the Team as the Company Grows

One day after Pardot hit about 80 employees I was walking down the hall in the office and I saw this friendly face coming towards me. In an effort to engage, I stopped and asked how things were going. We chatted for a minute and walked on. Only, I had no idea this person’s name, yet I had personally interviewed and been part of her hiring process. While I’m great with faces and pretty good with names, I had hit the point where I couldn’t keep pace with remembering everyone’s name in the office — we were growing so fast that I had little interaction with many of the new team members. Wow, that was a long ways from when we started.

A serious CEO challenge is staying connected to the team as the company grows. Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Weekly Team Email – Send out an email every week to the team highlighting a culture story, quick updates from each department, and key metrics
  • Weekly Small Group Lunch – Invite five different people to a group lunch every week and spend an hour with people you don’t normally work with — the goal is to simply build rapport and trust
  • Monthly Department Seating Swap – Continually rotate throughout departments and sit next to different people each month — physical proximity promotes interaction
  • Company Sports Team or After-Hours Activities – Get involved with the softball team, running club, or anything else the company does after-hours as a way to connect with people on teams that are further removed

There’s no way to stay connected with every team member at scale, nor should there be. As the company grows, it’s important to grow with it, and that means finding new ways to connect at greater scale.

What else? What are some other ways to stay connected to the team as the company grows?

One thought on “Staying Connected to the Team as the Company Grows

  1. Thank you very much David, I liked your post, I recently open my real estate office and we are growing, our office goal is to hire 200 agents by the end of 2016. I have to make sure I create ways and systems to stay connected with my team and every new agent that would join our office.

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