Terminus Raises a $7.5 Million Series A

Earlier today Terminus announced their $7.5 million Series A round (disclosure: I’m the founding investor). Terminus started in 2014 in the Atlanta Tech Village and has been spreading the flip my funnel message about account-based marketing to thousands of people.

From before, here’s how Terminus works:

  • Existing leads and contacts from the CRM or marketing automation system are automatically imported using dynamic rules (e.g. take all the leads/contacts with an active opportunity in the pipeline)
  • Based on job titles, additional contacts are retrieved from the targeted companies through multiple data sources (e.g. NetProspex and others)
  • Similar to retargeting, ads based on rules are shown on mainstream sites to everyone identified in the account (e.g. show specific ads based on where the account is in the sales cycle)
  • Ad click-throughs and impressions are tracked to tie results back to effect on pipeline acceleration in the CRM

Congrats to Eric and team on closing their Series A. Here’s to building an enduring company.

Know any B2B marketers? Have them take a look at Terminus.

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