Simplified One Page Strategic Plan for Every Team

While the Simplified One Page Strategic Plan is great for the entire company, it’s also a tremendous leadership tool for departments and teams. In fact, every team should have one. The strategic plan has purpose, values, goals, metrics, and projects — everything you’d expect from a team that’s aligned and high functioning.

Here are a few thoughts on one simple one page strategic plan per team:

  • Make it simple and use a Google Doc for each team that’s copied quarterly
  • Develop a coaching and mentoring process where senior managers spend time each quarter helping other managers refine their strategic plan
  • Include the team when building out the plan and get buy-in throughout the process
  • Keep it a living strategic plan that’s referenced and updated weekly (e.g. the metrics and project progress should be kept current)

Every team should have a plan yet most startups struggle with this. Start with the simplified one page strategic plan and ensure everyone is aligned. 

What else? What are some more thoughts on every team having a simplified one page strategic plan?

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