Top Entrepreneurial Trait: Continuous Learner

Yesterday I was giving a talk to a group of entrepreneurs and one asked the question “what’s an entrepreneurial trait you look for that isn’t talked about as much?” Of course, traits like resourceful, persistent, and dreamer are common in entrepreneurs. One trait that I’m especially fond of is the continuous learner. This is someone who constantly seeks out new ideas, best practices, and ways to get better.

Here are a few ways to gauge a potential continuous learner:

  • Are they consistently recommending books, blogs, or apps that they like?
  • Do they regularly ask what lessons were learned from different experiences?
  • Do they attend industry conferences and events for networking and content?
  • Do they share relevant ideas and best practices without being asked?
  • Are they collaborative and eager to learn, in general?

The next time you’re meeting with an entrepreneur, ask yourself if they’re a continuous learner. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve met truly love learning and seek to learn something new everyday.

What else? What are some more thoughts on this idea of being a continuous learner as a top entrepreneurial trait?

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