Startup Launch: PubNation

My brother Christopher recently launched his new startup PubNation targeting the problem of ad quality management. As part of building SpanishDict to millions of unique visitors every month, he kept hearing complaints from users about inappropriate ads, but had a hard time tracking down who was showing the ads since everything went through third-party ad networks. Enter PubNation.

Here are some of the features:

  • User Complaint – Hear feedback directly from users about the ads on the site.
  • Partner Information – Know which partner served the ad in question without searching through lines of code.
  • Screenshot Replay Technology – Validate the complaints through PubNation’s Screenshot Replay Technology.
  • Ad Speed Measurement – See which ads are loading large files or making too many requests through PubNation’s Ad Speed Measurement.
  • Ad Server Information – See exact information from the ad server about the partner, campaign, and CPM associated with the bad ad.

The next time you see an inappropriate ad, you’ll know the exact problem PubNation is solving. And, if you know anyone in the media space, please pass PubNation over to them.

What else? What are some thoughts on the idea of ad quality management software?

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