Micro Apps for Lead Generation

One of the lead generation strategies that works well, but takes time and engineering efforts to do right, is micro apps. Micro apps are super simple web applications that do one thing in exchange for providing an email address. Just like people are often willing to give their email address to download an ebook, people are also willing to give their email address for use of a simple micro app that provides value. Here are some popular examples:

The key is for the micro app to be meaningful yet self contained with little friction to get value. Often, the value is a tiny piece of what the main product provides such that it’s the same audience and a lead generation opportunity.

The next time you’re thinking about lead generation ideas, consider a micro app.

What else? What are some more thoughts on micro apps for lead generation?

4 thoughts on “Micro Apps for Lead Generation

  1. I have been seeing this as well. In fact just today Netflix launched a tool to test speed of internet Fast.com . I think that would also help Netflix in giving information of how good the internet penetration is, in different parts and where they can go next.
    Needless to say that this is a very small tool but the data for netflix might be of good use.

  2. I really like micro apps, and I’m surprised that more companies aren’t using them for lead generation.

    I especially like UserTesting.com’s microapp, ‘Peek’. I find it extremely simple, compelling, and just hard to resist using.

    I believe there is a fine line between a micro app and negative UX patterns wherein a user is led to believe they can try out a certain feature or an entire product without registration, only to find out – after they’re 8 steps in – that they, in fact, will have to register, complete a survey, wait for a confirmation email, and then and only then can they complete their task. That’s just cruel.

    Less dumb than requiring validating email form fields with ‘company domain’ logic, but certainly more cruel.

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