Proximity to Success Inspires Entrepreneurial Confidence

Recently I overheard an entrepreneur in the halls of the Atlanta Tech Village say, “I’m going to be successful like X.” Now, ‘X’ in this case, was a successful company in the Tech Village. The fact that another company, in the very same building, achieved success made the entrepreneur more confident.

Proximity to success inspires entrepreneurial confidence.

The early employee at a startup that goes on to do great things has more entrepreneurial confidence to start their own venture.

The high school student who reads about the entrepreneur down the road is more likely to say “I can do it too.”

The next door neighbor that just had their first successful exit inspires their neighbor to think “what if” on a new idea.

The idea that successful entrepreneurial activity attracts other entrepreneurial activity is real. Inspiration comes from many places and proximity to success is one of them.

What are you doing to increase your entrepreneurial confidence? What are your doing to put yourself around successful entrepreneurs?

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