Takeaways from the Growth Stage Entrepreneur Summit

Earlier today we had a Growth Stage Entrepreneur Summit at the Atlanta Tech Village. The idea was to get a group of 15 entrepreneurs together that have 20 – 100 employees and share best practices for scaling a startup.

Here are a few takeaways from the presentations and discussion on scaling a startup:

  • Plan for different “missions” as the startup hits different stages
  • Know that not all early team members will be able to make the transition to the next stage as the business grows
  • Spend more time on communication as the company grows (alignment and focus gets harder and harder)
  • Move from generalists to specialists (e.g. hire specialists like sales engineers to make your best sales reps even more productive)
  • Build a Simplified One Page Strategic Plan and update it quarterly
  • Ensure a culture of accountability
  • Hire for culture fit
  • Develop a meeting rhythm

Today’s event went well and we’ll likely do it again. Know any entrepreneurs in the Southeast in the growth stage? Send them our way.

What else? What are some more thoughts on scaling a startup?

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