4 Reasons to Add an SDR Team

Earlier today I was talking with a couple of sales leaders about Sales Development Reps (SDRs). One leader was a big proponent of SDRs and the other didn’t have any experience with them. From the discussion, I took away four reasons to add an SDR team:

  1. SDRs help make the more expensive, and more experienced, account executives more productive
  2. SDRs, with their focus on appointment setting, are more efficient than full-stack sales reps, which are spread thin across a variety of functions (setting appointments, doing discovery calls, facilitating meetings, delivering proposals, and closing deals)
  3. SDRs are effectively a training ground for future account executives thereby acting as a talent development pipeline
  4. SDRs are also a training ground for non-sales roles like support and customer success

Startups should evaluate these four reasons to add an SDR team, and once a positive decision is made, review these 7 Quick SDR Tips for Startups.

What else? What are some more reasons to add an SDR team?

One thought on “4 Reasons to Add an SDR Team

  1. Once you implement a sales specialization strategy the term “full-stack” no longer applies to your closing team. The AE’s role becomes that of a closer and perhaps in some instances an expander. Sales specialization once you can afford to do so is the only way to go.

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