Ideas for Sports Venue Apps from the Braves App Challenge

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear the pitches from the Braves App Challenge (think hackathon) at the Atlanta Tech Village. The goal was to reimagine the experience at the new Atlanta Braves stadium, SunTrust Park, complete with multi-terabit internet access.

Here’s a brief synopsis of most of tonight’s ideas:

  • Stadium access driving direction app that takes your current location and all the potential ways to get to the different stadium entry points while optimizing for traffic (think Google Maps/Waze integration checking several different routes)
  • Stadium experience customization based on preferences like shade/sunny, first date/romantic, rowdy/noisy section, etc
  • Referral rewards app (e.g. tweet a picture with your Braves hat on in the stadium and get a free Coke)
  • Image overlay app where you can swap out the text or plug in a Braves player digitally (think Snapchat filter)
  • Meet like-minded people in stadium and make new relationships
  • Virtual trading cards where you can only get certain ones by attending games (think Pokémon Go but for digital baseball cards)

Congratulations to the winner Mixle:

Thanks to all the teams that entered and the Braves for sponsoring the event.

What else? What are some more ideas for sports venue apps?

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