Sales Training

As the startup progresses beyond product/market fit and finds a repeatable customer acquisition model, it becomes time to really scale out the sales team. As the sales team grows, one of the common tasks is to develop sales training. But wait, we’re just selling software, can it be that hard? Yes. There’s a huge difference between a sales rep that’s well trained and one that isn’t.

Here are a few popular sales trainers:

  • Sandler Training – One of the largest and most well known sales training organizations.
  • salesOctane – Jim Ryerson did several training programs for our team at Pardot and is a master of his craft.
  • Jack Daly – Super high energy and compelling sales trainer. Highly recommended.

Sales training is well worth the expense. When you can afford it, I’d recommend putting it in the budget and investing in sales team training.

What else? What are some other sales training programs and instructors you recommend?

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