6 Strategy and Planning Methodologies to Explore

As an entrepreneur, I always enjoy analyzing and thinking about startups in a number of different ways. Thankfully, a number of other people do as well, and several have come up with great methodologies to help influence and inform our thinking. Here are six strategy and planning methodologies to explore:

  1. Simplified One Page Strategic Plan
  2. MSPOT – Mission, Strategy, Projects, Omissions, and Tracking
  3. V2MOM – Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Metrics
  4. Business Architecture Stack
  5. Business Model Canvas
  6. Startup Positioning Template

The goal here isn’t to implement every methodology. Rather, experiment with them and see which one resonates most, and use it on a regular basis to help with strategy and planning.

What else? What are some more strategy and planning methodologies you like?

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