Align Interview Questions with Core Values

Continuing with the interview questions theme (see 10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing for a Sales Role), there’s an extremely important element for the other side of the table when an entrepreneur is interviewing a potential hire: ask interview questions aligned with core values. At Pardot, our core values were positive, self-starting, and supportive (still, three of my favorite values), and since a critical part of the interview process was assessing core value fit, we came up with specific interview questions around each core value.

Here are a few thoughts on aligning interview questions with core values:

  • Develop written questions for each core value (and store them in a Google Doc)
  • Discuss the interview questions with all team members involved
  • Incorporate culture checks in the interview process
  • Whenever a candidate is turned down (make it a unanimous decision to give a job offer), take time to discuss the answers that the interviewee provided

Align interview questions with core values as part of the culture-oriented hiring process — it’s key to building a strong culture.

What else? What are some more thoughts on aligning interview questions with core values?

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