The Different Meeting Rhythms in Sales

Recently I was meeting with an entrepreneur and he was telling me about the weekly sales pipeline review he does with their head of sales where they talk about every opportunity that’s expected to close in the next 30 days. This got me thinking about the different meeting rhythms throughout a sales organization.

Here are some of the common sales meetings:

  • Daily stand up or check-in meeting where everyone goes around and answers the questions “what did you accomplish yesterday?”, “what are you going to do today?”, and “are there any roadblocks?”
  • Weekly 1-on-1s where the sales manager meets individually with their direct reports and provides coaching and feedback (WideAngle is recommended for managing this process)
  • Weekly pipeline review with the sales managers and the executive that’s responsible for sales (often the CEO)
  • Weekly product training session where the sales team is trained on a different aspect of the product, both new and old features
  • Weekly sales meeting where the team huddles for a few minutes and talks about what is, and isn’t, working
  • Quarterly board meeting where the sales leader provides an update for the board
  • Annual sales kick-off meeting to talk about the new year and new opportunities

These are some of the more common recurring sales meetings found in a scaling startup. The goal is to find the right balance between too many meetings and too few.

What else? What are some other common recurring sales meetings?

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