SalesLoft Raises $15M to be the Platform for Sales Engagement

Earlier today Kyle shared the details of raising their $15 million Series B to be the platform for sales engagement. On April 1, 2015 I blogged about SalesLoft raising their $10 million Series A and highlighted the company background. Quick recap: I tried to recruit Kyle at Pardot and instead we started SalesLoft. After two major product pivots Kyle, Rob, and the amazing SalesLoft team found an incredible opportunity with sales engagement and have been growing fast for years.

What’s sales engagement? Think of a system that empowers sales people to be significantly more productive by making more targeted phone calls and sending more personalized emails based on an automated process (a cadence). The ultimate goal is a more sincere, modern selling process.

Here are a few reasons I’m so excited about SalesLoft:

  • Mission Driven Business – The Lofters are on a mission. Truly. This isn’t idle talk. Everyone is focused on building the best, most transformative sales engagement platform on the planet.
  • Sincere Culture – Values are placed front and center as a core foundation of the company. And, with values Put Customers First, Glass Half Full, Team Over Self, Focus on Results, Bias Towards Action, you know I’m a fan.
  • Amazing Team – Kyle, Rob, and the rest of the team are amazing. Everything starts with the people and these are the people you want.
  • Big Market – Sales people. Productivity. Making more money. Sales engagement is a massive market with tremendous growth.
  • Atlanta Impact – To make an impact, Atlanta needs major success stories that create jobs, wealth, and inspiration for more entrepreneurs. Everything about SalesLoft is on the trajectory to achieve this.

SalesLoft will be the sales engagement platform of record. Every element is in place and now it’s time for Kyle and team to make their mark on modern sales. Here’s to SalesLoft achieving another milestone on their journey!

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