Growing Endeavor in the Southeast

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to spend a day in Birmingham, Alabama with the Endeavor Atlanta team in an effort to expand the non-profit to other regions of the Southeast. Endeavor, an international organization with offices in 32 countries, is leading the high impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. Think of Endeavor as an organization that supports scale ups (startups post product/market fit in the scaling phase) with mentorship, continuing education, networking, and an all-around high impact entrepreneurship ethos.

In Atlanta, we have eight Endeavor Entrepreneurs building amazing companies. These companies range from lease accounting software to second home rental marketplaces to Bitcoin payment processing platforms. Endeavor isn’t limited to tech companies. In fact, globally, most Endeavor Entrepreneurs aren’t in tech. The key: high impact entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful forces to help communities through job and wealth creation.

Now, with Endeavor Atlanta off to a great start, we’re looking to grow the Endeavor footprint in the Southeast with regional offices. These regional offices would support their local entrepreneurs and lean on the Atlanta office to interface with the global network. Once a regional office achieves enough scale, they’d then become their own full office. The Southeast, with 80+ million people, is the fastest growing region in the United States and has a tremendous number of entrepreneurs.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or supporter of entrepreneurs, in the Southeast, please reach out as we’d enjoy talking about ways to grow Endeavor in the region.

4 thoughts on “Growing Endeavor in the Southeast

  1. David that’s fantastic. I’ve followed your writing for years now and love the value you regularly provide. Having started and successfully exited my first company, I have launched another with our HQ in Charleston, SC. Through the local startup hub here in town, I have met many great entrepreneurs here who could benefit from a bridge with Atlanta.

    What is the best way to get in contact to talk more about growing the regional Endeavor initiative via Charleston?

  2. Hi David! David McDaniel, the ideator of Buckhead Church, is on our board. He has me reading your blog & learning. We are super pumped to learn from you! I’m commenting because we would be super interested in this. We have an office in Cumming and one in Buckhead at WeWork. We fit the description: 19 months in, just passing 2M run rate & are tech enabled services company called GRAVY. Currently at 17 FT team members. I don’t know if this is the best place to “reach out” like the post said above, but we would love to chat!

    1. Hi Casey! Adam here from Endeavor Atlanta. Congrats on the company you’ve built. I’d love to set up some time with you and learn more about you and your company. Feel free to email me at and we can set something up! Chat soon.

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