Sales Training Workshop Topics

We’re adding weekly sales training workshops to our training program. They work the same as our manager training where we each come up with a few topics we’d like to discuss, write them all down, and then pick two each week to do experience sharing around.  Here are the topics we came up with:

  • Getting around gatekeepers
  • Voicemail best practices
  • Communication timelines
  • Pre-call strategies
  • Overcoming killer objections
  • Questions for pain points
  • Time of day call strategies
  • Call to appointments goal ratios
  • Prospect qualifying
  • Augmenting prospect info (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Establishing rapport over the phone
  • Customer engagement during GoToMeeting
  • Cold calling strategies
  • Emailing strategies
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Strategies for determining the best prospects to target
  • Negotiation strategies
  • After losing a deal strategies
  • Too small of a budget
  • Sales role with marketing
  • Tier one sales rep. feedback loop
  • Demo preparation

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