Atlanta Startup Advantages: Technology Community

The Atlanta startup community has really come into its own in the past three years. When I moved my company to Atlanta in the summer of 2002, I must admit that I was disappointed in the lack of activity in the metro area. There were a handful of events but it didn’t feel like a community. The advent of social media and passionate technology entrepreneurs really helped coalesce the community and make it a vibrant place.

We have so many events and organizations I’m bound to forget a few (please add them in the comments!), but here goes with a starting point:

  • ATDC
  • Shotput Ventures
  • Technology Executive Roundtable
  • Technology Association of Georgia
  • CEO Council
  • Atlanta Technology Angels
  • Young Entrepreneurs Society
  • StartupChicks
  • Startup Riot
  • Startup Drinks
  • Open Coffee

For links to these and more organizations, please visit the organizations page.

The technology community is an advantage for Atlanta startups.

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