Joining the Atlanta Tech Startup Community

In the past week I’ve met with two different entrepreneurs that said they were interested in getting involved with the Atlanta technology startup community. Of course, I had one or two ideas on things they can do. Instead of emailing a bunch of resources around I decided to enumerate them here. Let’s go:

  • ATDC is the mothership. Get involved.
  • TAG has tons of networking events related to technology (not necessarily startups)
  • Shotput Ventures is the accelerator seed fund
  • Mike Blake has the best post on joining the VC scene (most is applicable to tech entrepreneurs who don’t want to raise VC as well)
  • TechDrawl is the Southeast specific technology startup blog (think localized TechCrunch)
  • (Atlanta Startup Entretpreneurs) has a bunch of random stuff (events, people on Twitter, organizations, etc)
  • AtlanTech is the local business journal tech blog where Urvaksh fights hard for the scoop

Needless to say it is easy to get involved and to start meeting people. Do it.

Did I miss anything?

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