Startup Riot 2011 Tomorrow

Tomorrow Atlanta’s very own Startup Riot takes place at the Tabernacle downtown. Sanjay Parekh puts on a great show every year and I’m sure tomorrow’s event won’t disappoint. The idea is to have 50 startups give three minute pitches with two keynotes mixed in. Whenever I mention the event to people they are always impressed that 50 startups are pitching — I must say that I think it is impressive as well. Now, all 50 startups aren’t local, but the vast majority are local (I don’t have any insider info but I’d guess 45 will be local).

Here are a few questions I’ll be asking myself when I hear the pitches tomorrow:

  • Will this entrepreneur be successful?
  • Would I invest in this company?
  • Is this a product or a feature?
  • Is this an idea for a company or a business already operating?

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Startup Riot event.

What else? What other questions would you ask when you hear the startups pitch?

2 thoughts on “Startup Riot 2011 Tomorrow

  1. I find myself frequently asking the product/company question. I see a lot of features and hacks being produced but frequently no thought is given to pricing, market segmentation or anything else.

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