User Conferences and Startups

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As we finished up our last minute preparations for next week’s user conference I’m reminded why they are such great events. One of the most important aspects of building a great startup is developing a passionate community of users and partners. Even with the advent of great technologies like email, screen sharing, message boards, blogs, and social media there’s an element of human connectedness that can only take place face-to-face. User conferences provide just that: the strongest level of community possible.

When in the course of a startup, there comes a time where customers want to gather together, whether as a simple user group or as a large annual user conference, the startup should facilitate and embrace it. User conferences represent the largest and most complex user events, and also the best. User conferences, much like pep rallies before a football game in high school, are filled with tremendous energy and excitement as everyone comes together around a common cause.

User conferences require significant time and effort but are worth every ounce of energy.

What else? What are your thoughts on user conferences and startups?

3 thoughts on “User Conferences and Startups

  1. They also make for great moral boosts internally for the NewCo after an event. When else can you get to see tangible results of the accomplishments and areas of improvements by your clients.

    David, what is your take on inviting prospects and candidates to a user conference to feed in the same excitement and energy?

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