10 Community Learnings from the Atlanta Tech Village

Over the past 21 months we’ve learned a tremendous amount building the Atlanta Tech Village. With 200+ startups and 650+ members, we have a critical mass of entrepreneurs, events, and energy. Of course, everything hasn’t gone according to plan, but it’s been a great experience nonetheless.

Here are 10 community learnings from the Atlanta Tech Village:

  1. Startup stages are more varied than expected, so we had to come up with different ways to segment them (Village Verified, 7 Figure Club, etc.)
  2. Mentors are plentiful, only we haven’t figured out how to curate and engage them as well as we should
  3. Occupying the building while renovating it at the same time is terribly difficult (it was the right call but messaging and timing weren’t always well executed)
  4. Communicating changes, especially around pricing and parking, requires an ongoing dialogue and more proactive conversations
  5. Events are the best way to get large numbers of new people to experience the community and facility
  6. Entrepreneurs love helping other entrepreneurs and act as an accelerant to each other’s startup (we also had a few bad apples along the way that we had to remove)
  7. Coffee has a passionate following, and Octane is the best
  8. Social functions like yoga, running club, and Startup Chowdown are key to bringing people together on a more personal level
  9. Design and style of the physical space sets the tone and contributes to the positive energy
  10. Core values establish a standard for the entire community and provide a common foundation

The Atlanta Tech Village has already exceeded expectations and we’re just getting started. I’m excited about many more learnings in the future as we work to fulfill our mission to be the #1 hub for startups in the Southeast.

What else? What are some other community learnings from the Atlanta Tech Village?

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