Awkward Transition Period During a Pivot

We’re going through a small pivot right now and it helped me realize that pivots result in an awkward transition period. Internally, we know the direction to go, yet we still have a number of responsibilities and relationships that we need to continue to honor, making progress more difficult. Balancing new and old is a challenge.

Here are a few thoughts on the awkward transition during a pivot:

  • Start selling the new vision right away even if the product isn’t going to be ready for some period of time
  • Set internal expectations that it will be extra difficult for a period of time before results materialize
  • Transition the marketing collateral to the new messaging as quickly as possible
  • Make a plan to transition the customers that are no longer a good fit
  • Educate partners on the new direction and set the appropriate guidance

Pivots are painful, especially when there’s the start of a real business already in place. When the new direction is clear, it’s much more costly to cling to the past compared to pushing forward.

What else? What are some additional thoughts on the awkward transition period during a pivot?

2 thoughts on “Awkward Transition Period During a Pivot

  1. Having gone through an evolution (small pivot) at Rivalry in October, another key ingredient is adapting to the new sales process. For example, before we never did pilots. Now at Rivalry, we provide pilots for 3-4 weeks. This creates changes when it comes to forecasting, commissions, and customer service/sales alignment.

    Great post.


  2. I agree that it’s pretty important to sell the new vision, but you should start by selling it internally. You’ll always have team members who don’t like change, and if your whole team isn’t on board, the effect will be friction and dissonance. If your new story doesn’t sell internally, you won’t be able to execute it at the level you’ll need to sell it externally.

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