9 Simple Weekly Metrics for Seed Stage SaaS Startups

There’s always a balance between tracking too many metrics and too few metrics. What I’ve found is that most seed stage entrepreneurs aren’t diligent enough in tracking simple metrics on a weekly basis. Of course, the seed stage is mostly about finding product/market fit and finding a repeatable customer acquisition process (see the four startup stages in eight words), so most activities should be customer focused.

Here are nine simple metrics seed stage SaaS startups should track weekly:

  • Cash on hand
  • Weekly burn rate
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • New customers
  • Lost customers
  • Marketing qualified leads
  • Sales demos
  • Active sales opportunities
  • Customer net promoter score (NPS)

Cash on hand, weekly burn rate, and monthly recurring revenue are the three most important metrics as they indicate how many weeks left until running out of money and how fast the top line is growing. Configure a basic Google Sheet or goal/metric tracking system and record these nine simple metrics every week.

What else? What are some other metrics that should be tracked weekly for seed stage SaaS startups? Here’s a more comprehensive list of SaaS metrics to track.

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