Metrics Spreadsheet for Every SaaS Company

Lately I’ve been talking to more entrepreneurs that have product/market fit and are working to find a repeatable customer acquisition process (see 5 Steps to Startup Success in 30 Words). Now, sales and marketing metrics become critical and it’s time to figure out what works. Christoph Janz has the best Google Sheets Dashboard for SaaS companies:

Visitors & Signups

  • Visitors
    m/m growth
  • Signups beginning of the month
  • New signups
    – Organic
    – Paid
  • Total new signups
    m/m growth
  • Visitor-to-signup conversion rate
  • Signups end of month

Paying Customers

  • Customers beginning of the month
    – New customers
    – Conversion rate
    – Lost customers
    – Churn rate
  • Net new customers
  • Customers end of month
    m/m growth

Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • MRR beginning of the month
  • New MRR
    – New MRR from new customers
    – New MRR from account expansions
  • Total new MRR
  • Lost MRR
  • MRR churn rate
  • New new MRR
  • MRR end of month
    m/m growth
  • Avg. revenue per customer
  • Avg. revenue per new customer

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

  • Marketing spendings
    – Marketing spendings per signup (blended)
    – Marketing spendings per paid signup
  • Sales spendings
    – Sales spendings per new paying customer
  • Total CAC (blended)
  • Total CAC (paid signups)
  • Time-to-recover CAC for paid signups (months)
  • CLTV (e)
  • CLTV/CAC (paid signups)


  • Cash beginning of month
    – Cash coming in
    – Cash going out
  • Net cash burn
  • Cash end of month
  • Runway at current burn (months)

SaaS entrepreneurs would do well to use the Google Sheets Dashboard for SaaS companies. And, if inside sales is employed, take a look at the Google Sheets Dashboard with Inside Sales.

What else? What are your favorite metrics for SaaS startups?

7 thoughts on “Metrics Spreadsheet for Every SaaS Company

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing, this is very useful!

    As the spreadsheet is geared towards a ‘low touch’ sales model (self-service/online signups etc) do you have a version for a direct/high touch sales?


  2. The question I am seeking an answer to is within
    The operating company. Can I follow my company’s patterns ( even hourly and emotionally) to better the burn rate?

    Two ways to track this would be on a credit card that monitors everything ( time purchases made/ or money spent and WHY, who is buying stuff or issuing permission….. in my own company I suspect real costs to cut by about 1/3.

    Second example of this was by an app a client brought me to finance. It allowed doctor offices to follow ehat kind of people canceled appointments the most…this allowed the doctors offices to completely change how they scheduled their clients and re-tool their booking.

    If anyone is out their to talk with , please contact me
    Thank you

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