18 Ideas to Accelerate the City’s Entrepreneurial Trajectory

Last week I put out a tweet to collect ideas for accelerating the entrepreneurial trajectory of Atlanta, and received a number of excellent ideas. Now, none of these ideas are limited to Atlanta and most are needed in all cities.

Here are 18 ideas for accelerating entrepreneurship in a city:

  1. Run a billboard campaign highlighting local startups
  2. Provide free training and courses for local founders
  3. Develop and support free/subsidized office space for startups like the Atlanta Tech Village
  4. Organize an accelerator program like Y Combinator
  5. Launch a YouTube video channel of local startup stories
  6. Connect local mid-to-large companies with startups
  7. Get large companies to commit to working on their procurement process to accommodate a certain number of startups
  8. Drive a public relations campaign to spotlight local entrepreneurs
  9. Coordinate an “after hours” program for entrepreneurs that have full-time day jobs
  10. Facilitate formal internship programs across startups
  11. Engage with local K-12 schools and get kids involved in entrepreneurship at an early age
  12. Run speed dating events between entrepreneurs and angels
  13. Partner with the local universities to help more students build businesses while in college
  14. Educate potential angel investors so that they feel comfortable investing more
  15. Bootstrapping programs to help startups do more with less
  16. Curate entrepreneurs-in-residence that help startups
  17. Find local mentors that want to help startups with no ulterior motive
  18. Acquire housing options for startups

Wow, that’s a great list. I’m really excited about the ideas and eager to help accelerate the entrepreneurial growth in our community.

What else? What are some more ideas to accelerate a city’s entrepreneurial trajectory?

7 thoughts on “18 Ideas to Accelerate the City’s Entrepreneurial Trajectory

  1. Some ideas:

    1. Free office space
    2. Regular organized demo days for startups to pitch to groups of enterprise
    3. Grants and RFP platform for startups to qualify for revenue opportunities
    4. Significant discounts with service providers

  2. Develop a reputable startup screening process that provides a risk factor startup assessment of failure or success. For low probability of success startups decisions could be made that would save costs and prepare staff for the inevitable. For startups with projected success it would motivate the team, plus provide a benchmark to leverage potential investors.

  3. Develop a shared services group to cover early stage companies’ needs at low cost. Create an Atlanta startup association that offers education and training for potential employees with badges so companies can recognize skills; benefits options; purchasing discounts for needed items; single stop company setup – this last one would take governments playing ball also.

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