In Search of Great Startup Ideas

After last week’s post on The SaaS Startup Studio, one of the most common questions was if you have to apply with an idea or are there already existing ideas to choose from. The answer: both. Finding a great idea is really hard, and most people fret too much over finding the perfect idea. Instead of a perfect idea, we’re taking a good-to-great idea that can be validated quickly through customer discovery to make a go/no-go decision in 3-6 months. Generally, it’s more about working through many ideas and learning fast, rather that going deep on one single idea.

Well, what are some ways to find a startup idea? Here are a few thoughts:

Ideas are all around us. Ask a friend about their recent ideas. Ask an executive about their biggest business problem. Ask a colleague what can be improved in the company.

Great ideas can be found with enough effort and time. Good luck!

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