Startup Learnings Take Time, So Just Start

One of the more popular questions I receive is something to the effect of “what entrepreneurial advice would you tell your younger self?” After reflecting on this question for years, my favorite answer is to just get going and start something. Being an entrepreneur, just like anything meaningful in life, is best done by doing. Sure, reading and learning best practices like the Lean Startup and a Simple Strategic Plan are important, but there’s no substitute for getting in the arena and working through the onslaught of challenges.

Don’t have a great idea? Just start anything, even if you have to do it on the side.

Don’t know if the timing is right? The timing is never right, all you have is now.

Don’t have a co-founder? Go solo and know you can always add one later (many co-founders weren’t there on day one!).

Don’t know where to begin? Plug into a local or virtual community — someone is willing to help.

Don’t have the personal belief? You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Everything about startups is 10x harder than it seems. Only, everything about startups is also doable, and working through the ups and downs is the real reward.

There’s no better time than now. Just start.

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