Sales Resources for Startups

With so many startups reaching out and asking for help as they implement an inside sales team based on SalesLoft and the Predictable Revenue book, it’s a good time to highlight a few posts and notes for entrepreneurs. Building a successful inside sales team isn’t easy, but there are a number of proven strategies and tactics.

Here are a few sales resources for startups:

To start, most entrepreneurs should hire a sales assistant to get going and then expand from there. Sales and sales teams are the lifeblood of many startups, yet take time to understand and scale.

What else? What are some other sales resources for startups?

4 thoughts on “Sales Resources for Startups

  1. For my business I seriously wonder if I will ever hire anyone to do sales. I know a lot of other SaaS businesses like this also (even some with hundreds of thousands of customers).

    I guess it depends on the market and model largely.

    Some reports suggest that by 2023 nearly 50% of jobs in the US are will be replaced by AI and robots. I think sales jobs largely fit in the category of jobs that will no longer be deemed necessary by many.

    If you are kicking ass with your product, customer experience, driving traffic to your site, and storytelling — what do I need a sales team for exactly?

      1. Let me explain what I was getting at…

        Back in 1997/98 I worked for the first SaaS company ever. We were called USinternetworking and had a lot of sales people. And we needed them…

        Customers had questions like…

        “Can you really do software over the internet?”
        “Is this secure…”
        “How is this better than hosting the software myself”

        Etc, etc.

        We had a lot of explaining to do. A lot of selling to do. It was hard to get them over the hurdle because what we were doing was so new and different.

        Also our typical deals were hundreds of thousands or even milllions of $. Clients expected hand holding, guidance and lots of attention because of the abnormal situation and amount of money being spent.

        Flash forward to today.

        Nobody is asking these questions. We all know that it is easier for someone else to be responsible for our software. We don’t want to have to muck with it. We understand the values of SaaS and do not have worries about it.

        With TribeBoost our monthly rates are $129 per month per account…not thousands.

        What we do is easy to explain and easy for customers to understand the value. We have a simple and narrow focus.

        We help companies grow their Twitter audience with targeted leads. We do it in a safe and responsible way and do all of the work.

        There is not a whole lot of back and forth dialogue needed about it.

        While these are both SaaS businesses…they are very different situations.

        One could not have lived without a sales team. The other is doing fine without one.

  2. Yes I do although I have not been up to speed on reading them lately so thanks for pointing this one out.

    Rick Chastain VP, Marketing rezora 503-688-0598 m

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